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Tel: 804.864.1100

Energy Law


GreeneHurlocker’s lawyers handle a broad range of issues related to electricity, natural gas, and water. Our lawyers also work extensively with clients involved in the renewable energy business, including solar, biomass and wind, in regulatory and transactional matters. Recognizing that Energy Law is a dynamic and complex area of law, we strive to understand our client’s business objectives, identify existing and potential problems at all times, and effectively communicate with our energy clients. We proactively counsel clients with respect to energy deregulation, new and existing markets, wholesale and retail energy contracts, responses to RFPs, the siting of electric transmission lines, and more. In addition, the firm represents clients in rulemaking and contested proceedings before state public service/utility commissions and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

We are especially proud of our attorneys’ accomplishments in the Energy arena. If you need legal counsel relating to this area, our experienced attorneys are prepared to assist. To schedule a consultation, call 804-864-1100 or contact us online.

Our work in the Energy arena has included the following:

Competitive Electricity and Natural Gas Services

GreeneHurlocker is one of the leading law firms in the representation of competitive retail suppliers, and our lawyers have been involved in deregulated retail energy markets since their inception. We understand the unique legal, regulatory, and operational issues facing retail suppliers in today’s evolving competitive markets. We represent associations of retail suppliers in matters that impact competitive markets. We also assist individual retail suppliers in attaining state licenses, drafting and assessing proposed terms and conditions of service, and implementing marketing and advertising strategies. Our representation of retail suppliers extends to show cause proceedings, rulemakings, contested proceedings, and more.

We pride ourselves on providing proactive counsel to retail suppliers on current trends and developments, so that our clients can focus on achieving their business objectives. We truly strive to achieve successful results at the lowest rates possible for our clients and enable them to enhance their competitive positions. Our firm’s lawyers continue to play a major role on behalf of our clients in shaping and implementing policies and practices impacting electric and natural gas competition in Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Delaware, as well as in other states.

Demand Response and Energy Efficiency Services

State commissions are increasingly relying upon demand response and energy efficiency services and products to strengthen grid reliability, decrease energy and capacity prices, and attain usage reduction levels established by state legislatures. End users are also looking to demand response and energy efficiency to achieve monetary savings and run more efficient businesses. GreeneHurlocker attorneys have represented leading demand response and energy efficiency providers before various state commissions and agencies in issues relating to licensing and reporting, responses to RFPS, the drafting of new regulations and policies, and contested proceedings. Our attorneys have also represented end users in negotiating demand response agreements and providing counsel with respect to certain policy positions.

Renewable Energy

The use of renewable energy is widely viewed as a key to protecting the environment, ensuring domestic energy security, and stimulating economic growth. GreeneHurlocker maintains an active renewable energy practice in which we advise clients on various phases of project structuring, development and operation.We have represented renewable energy project developers, project financing entities, equipment manufacturers and large end-user business. We have reviewed and litigated a wide variety of contracts involving renewable energy products including the forward sale of renewable energy credits. The firm’s attorneys have been active in rule-makings and contested proceedings involving renewable portfolio standards, renewable energy credits, and solar renewable energy credits.

Transmission Line and Utility Facilities

GreeneHurlocker’s attorneys represent the interests of numerous participants in cases filed by electric utilities seeking approval for construction of new electric transmission lines and other utility facilities. Clients have included community associations, property developers, business owners, and governmental entities. We work closely with witnesses and consultants to address issues that typically arise in these cases, including the need for the proposed facilities, routing and rights-of-way, design and construction, and adverse impacts on health and safety, homes, schools, the environment, endangered species, scenic assets, historic properties, recreation areas, business districts, and economic development. We have advocated successfully on behalf of clients in Virginia for underground constructions of transmission lines as well as the route that certain transmission lines – overhead and underground – should follow.

Water Utilities

GreeneHurlocker works proactively on behalf of water utilities throughout Virginia. Our lawyers have been involved in proceedings involving the purchase and sale of water utilities, affiliate agreements, rate cases, water regulations, and more. We work closely with our clients to determine the best course of action with respect to the utility’s overall rates, rate designs, plant investments, and tariff-related issues. If you’re thirsty for more knowledge on our firm’s water utility practice, please contact us.

Natural Gas Utilities

Our experience has shown that our utility clients have appreciated our attorneys’ accessibility, attention to detail, superior work product, and reasonable rates. GreeneHurlocker has represented natural gas utilities in various matters. For example, our attorneys represented a natural gas utility that intervened in an electric utility’s rate case to successfully protest the electric utility’s proposed rate design. We have represented a natural gas utility that sought successfully to extend its certificates of public convenience and necessity, and which has other matters before the Virginia State Corporation Commission.