OPENgc – General Counsel Services


The attorneys at GreeneHurlocker have over 80 combined years of legal practice experience, in both private practice and as in-house counsel, making the firm’s attorneys acutely aware of many client concerns regarding today’s legal profession. Chief among these concerns is the unpredictable nature of legal expenses, exemplified by the attorney who charges his or her loyal client for every quick phone call, causing the client to have a “should-I-or-should-I-not-pick-up-the-phone” moment every time a question comes up. If an attorney only bills by the hour or its fraction, the client has to make an assessment on the fly of whether its need for legal guidance for a given risk or issue outweighs the uncertainty of what even a short conversation might cost.

This common complaint reveals a larger truth. Attorneys often miss the chance to be partners with their clients, to be where a business client wants them to be — alongside them.

Knowing this, GreeneHurlocker’s attorneys created OPENgc.

OPENgc is a legal service offering under which a GreeneHurlocker Partner, backed by the full resources of the firm, serves as outside “general counsel” to corporate clients that have made a decision not to employ full time attorneys themselves. Our goal is to provide the client with responsive and business-minded legal counsel for a predictable monthly fee that can be placed into and managed as a part of the operating budget. Your GreeneHurlocker OPENgc attorney is available to furnish most of the same legal services to the client that a full-time “inside” general counsel would provide, except that the OPENgc relationship is designed from the outset as a custom-fit resource – a service tailored to the unique legal needs, and the specific budget, of the client. No two OPENgc engagements are alike.

We work with a client on the front end to create a retainer-based arrangement that works for the long term. The GreeneHurlocker Partner, joined with the attorneys and paralegal resources of the firm, is available to the client for a set number of hours of legal work per month, which we price at a discount relative to our normal hourly rates. Availability beyond those hours is provided at reasonable pre-arranged rates. The GreeneHurlocker designated attorney serves as the legal quarterback for the client, providing direct assistance on a wide variety of business matters, exercising experience-based judgment, and bringing in legal specialists when needed. We do what an attorney would do if he or she were on the payroll, but without the employee overhead.

Our aim with OPENgc is to be there in real time, every time for a client – on the other end of the proverbial “phone line” — to help it take full advantage of its business opportunities. You can contact any GreeneHurlocker lawyer to learn more about OPENgc and how it could work for your firm.