Tel: 804.864.1100

Tel: 804.864.1100

Practice Areas


If you cross paths with a state or local government regulatory agency, perhaps in a contested, litigation-type proceeding, or a process decidingabout new regulations, GreeneHurlocker’s attorneys have the experience and skill to represent youfederal, state and local administrative agencies.


When yourlegal and business goal is to preserve your bottom line while protecting and furthering your business’s interests, GreeneHurlocker’s attorneys have a multistate law practice with the resources, experience and skill to handle a wide range of business transactions and litigation.



If you are providing energy supplies to the Mid-Atlantic, running a distribution network or serving utility operators of any stripe, GreeneHurlocker’s lawyers handle a broad range of issues related to electricityand natural gas, and have been involved in deregulated retail energy markets since their inception.


If your business has any intersection with governmental rulemaking bodies in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, or anywhere in the United States, GreeneHurlocker’s attorneys have experience in energy, insurance, education, workers’ compensation, alcoholic beverage regulation, automotive manufacturer and dealerships, and more.

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